more's table
mira med huvudet bland molnen
play without borders
skagerraks kapare
some think else
ett land som heter duga
rätt upp och ner
perm & omsk
black box
a little bit of happiness
weekend residency
animation workshop


A collaboration with Malin Wallin.

In the summer of 2013, we built, along with a group of secondary school students from different schools in Alingsås, our very own country.
A country called Duga (not possible to translate from swedish in a good way).

A country concentrated to a space and 15 residents. A country everyone was eligible to create from scratch, just like one wanted. A meeting place where the creative expressions were our tools to highlight the important questions about how we take care of each other. How would it be to create an entirely new country? What would it look like and how would it feel? And how do we do so that all the residents enjoy being there?

To our help, we had visitors with other competences than ours that organised workshops. Among other, Ett land som heter Duga was visited by spoken word artist Ruth Alice and artist Carolina Falkholt.

The project was done with support from the municipality of Alingsås and Event and Youth Center Arena 11. It lasted three weeks and ended with an exhibition where we invited people from our neighbour Sweden.