more's table
mira med huvudet bland molnen
play without borders
skagerraks kapare
some think else
ett land som heter duga
rätt upp och ner
perm & omsk
black box
a little bit of happiness
weekend residency
animation workshop


In this work, I have designed a chair with a dual function. In addition to being a chair it is also a space and an hidden, upside down world for curious children. This is an attempt to see beyond a furniture's given task and to develope it into something new. I have created a hidden, private place where children can have some space and integrity and in the same time feel closeness and support from their parents or other adults.

Every decision for the shape of the chair is based on the terms and the conditions of play and this have created a basic chair with a twist. At the same time I did not want the furnitures external shape or aesthetics to be connected to what exist below. I wanted the adults and children’s impressions to be very different and the element of surprise to be great.

My main purpose for this project was simply to encourage children to play and to give the act of play its proper value by linking toys with an object which is important and useful for adults. Children's play is serious and real and the children expect adults to look at it the same way and to accredit the play the same value.