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Colaboration with Marta Woszczyna and Vandalorum art center.

Exploration box for children visiting the exhibition “Century of the child” at Vandalorum in Värnamo.

“How can children interact with a object that they are not allowed to touch?”
The overall purpose of the project is most importantly to make visiting museums into something fun. Children perceive and understand the exhibitions in their own way, so instead of prescribing the way they should visit the museum we wanted to give them something that will encourage exploring freely and bring out curiosity. We wanted to give the children a tool to interpret the exhibition in their own way. The Exploring kit is supposed to leave a good and hopefully long lasting impression, so that the children wants to visit more exhibitions in the future.

Different types of tools:
1. Tools that one use for changing, twisting and playing with the perception. Some of these tools could also be used in order to make visitors move in a certain way in the exhibition. Is about viewing things with new eyes, about viewing things for the first time and to experiment.
2. The co-creator tools or the narrative tools. Add-ons to the existing objects. The purpose is to trigger the visitors to create stories and to feel a connection to the objects, to “own” the exhibition.
3. The educational tools. Helps the visitors to understand more about the objects and about design.