more's table
mira med huvudet bland molnen
play without borders
skagerraks kapare
some think else
ett land som heter duga
rätt upp och ner
perm & omsk
black box
a little bit of happiness
weekend residency
animation workshop


Where does a story start and where does a story end? "Mira with her head in the clouds" is a picture book that believes that everything is possible and that doesn’t care about other people’s expectations. "Mira with her head in the clouds" is a project that explores how text, picture, space and objects can function together to make a story stronger. It is also a project that experiments with co-creation as a creative method.

"Mira with her head in the clouds" consists of a picture book, a cloud, three carpets that are produced together with Kasthall, three blackbirds and a sound installation.