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mira med huvudet bland molnen
play without borders
skagerraks kapare
some think else
ett land som heter duga
r├Ątt upp och ner
perm & omsk
black box
a little bit of happiness
weekend residency
animation workshop


We are a newly started non-profit organisation based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but with the entire world as our working field. We are designers with a specific knowledge and interest in play.

Play without borders wants to provide play opportunities for children and young people living in areas where play, for different reasons, not is prioritized. We believe that play is not just fun, it is also something serious. Play without borders states that play for children is at least as important as work for adults.

We want to provide play based on site specific research and in close relation to the users, the children. Children’s perspective and involvement is the key for us to be able to do good projects.

We want to make use of local labor and local materials. We want that the money we invest stays in within the community where we are active.

We want to be inspiring for the local community so that the work we start continues, and even better spreads, after we have left.

We need to be humble about what we do and we need to listen and to learn. Play without borders is a new organisation and we are always striving for that the next project should be a little bit better than the last one.